6 percent of home PCSs have the most dangerous form of spyware-keystroke loggers-installed.

(webroot statistics)

80 percent of home PCs have some form of spyware on them

(webroot statistics)

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Are your children compromising the security of your computer?

How to Set Up a Limited User Account

One of the best ways to allow your children to use your computer without destroying it is to set up a limited user account for the children to use.  Need us to assist you with this? Click HERE

Perhaps you want to block or monitor the websites your children are visiting? We can help you block sites based on category, time of day, or even specifically by web address.

UnserTech Services:
  • Is your computer running much slower then it used to?

  • Looking to upgrade but you are not sure what type of computer or hardware upgrade would fit your needs?

  • Nervous your computer might crash destroying all of your data?

These are just a few of the common questions and concerns UnserTech clients have expressed. Let us help you with your computer needs to give you piece of mind that your computer is running safe and secure.

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  • No problem is to big or small
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