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Network Configuration
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UnserTech Computers offers a variety of services aimed at keeping your home computer and network running at top performance. If you suffer from lockups, slowness, connectivity issues, crashes, or other common issues we can resolve the problem much cheaper then the competition.

 Repairs and cleaning:  
  • Repair Operating System Issues
  • Resolve Blue Screens of Death
  • Troubleshoot and repair any custom errors
  • Repair and or replace and failed hardware components (failed hard drive, cd-rom, broken case, etc.)
  • Remove unneeded startup items, drivers, and other programs slowing your computers startup time
  • Physical cleaning of the computer (keep your fans from overheating or malfunctioning)
  • Remove all viruses and spyware using a variety of tools
  • Configure antivirus products, website monitoring tools, firewalls, and spyware removal programs
  • Suggest Network security measures to keep your computers safe from the outside world
  • Harden Operating system settings and increase password security measures
Custom Services and Upgrades:
  • Custom built Desktops
  • RAM, Hard Drive, Motherboard or other peripheral upgrades
  • Software installations and upgrades
  • Other custom services available. Contact us today!
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